You’re My Humiliation Toy Now, Sissyboy

Certified Sissy Bitch Card

You're a Card-Carrying Sissybitch Now!

Trying to Hide Your Sissy Side?   Don’t Make Me Laugh.

Any girl could see it, but it takes a femdom Mistress like me to know just what to do about it.  You do know what I’m referring to, don’t you sissy?  Those thick pantylines running beneath your “man pants,” your work shirt barely hiding the bra straps…. That fabric doesn’t hide them in the slightest, and girls like me know how to zero in on that sort of thing.  You could probably feel my eyes on them without even looking over your shoulder– your spine starting to tingle, back of your neck going warm….

Face Your New Mistress, Sissy boy!

You know I know.  And when you turn around, I can smell that lipsmackers gloss residue on your lips.  A vicious little Humiliatrix likes me always has all senses FULLY alerted to any potential weakness in her general vicinity.  I sniffed you out, sissy.  And now I know that not only are you a little pantyboy, but you’re a full-fledged, strap-on-sucking, precum-smearing sissy boy.

Now Your Slut Training Begins

That scrunchy little bulge around your pantylines– it’s frilly lace, isn’t it?  You’re probably a little sissy maid as well, so easy to boss around and utterly humiliate in front of my girlfriends.  Oh, you’re in for it now.  Did you think that little giggle that came from my direction would be the end of it?  That’s just the tip of the sissy humiliation iceberg.  Before you know it you’re going to be pink-cuffed, collared and panty-gagged for me.  I’m going to degrade you in ways you couldn’t imagine, and I know your little sissystick is going to be twitching the whole damn time, you pathetic little slut.  I’ll put you in a pair of 6-inch white stiletto heels so that you’re tottering around helplessly, and then I’ll put my toys to use on that frilly-panty-covered ass.  Pink is an excellent color on you, my little sissy bitch…. let’s smear it all over your dildo-kissing lips!

Yup, my new humiliated sissy….  Click here to LISTEN UP…. you’re ‘old life’ as a man is a thing of the past….  Training begins NOW.  ~*~ 800-730-3507 ~*~

Get ready to serve....

On your knees, sissybitch!


3 comments to You’re My Humiliation Toy Now, Sissyboy

  • Carrie

    Oh yeah, I’ve wanted to be spotted, seen for the panty wearing addict I am, for so long! I’ve been trying to show my panty lines and get caught! Not the whale tail either! I dream of going to the mall and a woman noticing my panty lines and questioning me! Yes, right to my face! It’s been three years and it’s obviously, not going to happen! But, I’m sure if I was caught by one of you or Mistress Claire, I’m sure it would be memorable!

  • SPBH

    Awesome post as always Ms. Callie. Of course as a sissybitch this one suits me perfectly. The audio is the best part. After 20-20 (so far) listenings, any of those thoughts i had about aspirations to be anything above the level of dirt are pretty much gone. The curious problem i’ve had with a difficulty in raising my eyes above floor level when around You has returned as well.
    The card carrying sissy idea is one i’ve seen taken elsewhere, to the point where one could download a designed card (to carry) and a certificate (for a wall frame) to print out, all in pink with flowers and bows. Sweet!

  • Claire


    I love it when they think that their bra straps don’t show, Ms Callie.

    Then again, most of the ones that I met are fully aware of it, and are itching for someone like you and I to come along and treat them like the sissy bitch that they are.

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