The Spanking Headmistress Is In

Sissy School

Have your homework ready, sissies

As part of my Can You Be My Most Loyal Commenter contest, I took a theme suggestion from commenter Jeremie, who said, “I’m a something of a spanko, so I’d love to see a spanking-themed post.”  Well you’re in luck, Jeremie, because I’m something of a spanko myself, though I do think we occupy opposite ends of the give-receive spectrum when it comes to spanking fetish :)  

Sissy School is in Session

Attention, my newest sissy student.  I see you’ve found your uniform: white cotton panties with a little lavender bow in the front, a training brassiere with a similar little bow between the cups, a VERY short grey and baby blue plaid skirt, and a sheer white blouse.  Excellent.  The fact that you have been blushing bright red since you put on your sissy uniform is very amusing to the rest of the class, clearly.  They can’t seem to stop giggling at your little predicament!  Though, to their credit, it’s hard not to notice that both pairs of your cheeks are taking on a nice rosy hue….

Disobedience in AdultSissy101 Will Not be Tolerated

Now, your Headmistress Callie is very eager to hear your recitation of the Sissy Oath, so I want you to step right up to the front of the class for me and curtsy for everyone.  That’s right, no matter if they can see that throbbing little bulge in your panties– Do a proper curtsy and lift that skirt!  All eyes are on you.  Time for the Sissy Oath– take your time so you don’t miss any parts.

What’s that?  You don’t have the Sissy Oath memorized?  You didn’t even know there was a memorization assignment?  Pathetic!  What a naughty, naughty little sissy wannabe, quivering in your revealing uniform.  You know what this means don’t you?  I’ll have to drag my chair right in front of the entire class and take a seat, with you at my side.  You really leave me no choice.  Get over here right now!

Sweet Headmistress Gets Strict with a Spanking!

That’s right, I’m going to pull you right over my lap for a thorough over the knee spanking.  No amount of whimpering and begging and “please ma’am, I’ll do better next time ma’am” is going to make me have any mercy on your bare bottom.  An over the knee spanking is the only fitting punishment for a disobedient little sissy like yourself, first with my bare hand, then with a broad wooden paddle if I see fit.

Over my knee you go, skirt slowly drawn up, white cotton panties tugged down below your bottom, with all my other pupils staring right at you.  Aw, are you shaking with anticipation, my little sissy?  It’s the only way you’ll learn!  A bare-bottom, over the knee spanking in front of all your classmates– here we go!  Ten to start, with a good, firm hand.  Hmmm, you’re getting good and pink, but I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson.  Ten more spanks, with your panties around your ankles and your pathetic, humiliated excitement pressing right into my lap.

With each smack of my firm hand– fingers lined up tight for maximum impact– the sting burns through your bare butt, before that warmth coursing through your spanked skin travels up to your face and the burn of erotic humiliation sets in!  In each pause between spanks there’s a moment of relief before that loud smacking sound and the pain begins anew, worse than before, and the flush of embarrassment sets in all over again.  No real relief for you, my sissy student, with the constant anticipation of the next spank looming over your tugged down panties.  No relief with all your fellow students staring right at you, giggling and snickering as they point your way!

Hmmm, I think it’s time I get that paddle.  And when I’m done, you can go over to that mirror over there rubbing your bottom and take a good look at what not doing the assignments does to your ass!  Yes, the other students are giggling helplessly the whole time– so very humiliating, being so exposed!

Perhaps next time, my sissy student, you will not forget your homework?


2 comments to The Spanking Headmistress Is In

  • SPBH

    WooHoo! Another sissy post from the Glorious Ms Callie! Always love ‘em and this one is no exception. The uniform; Perfect. The humiliation scene; Perfect. Execution of punishment; Perfect. Sent away to think on it; Perfect. Ms Callie; Perfect.
    my feeble mind is left to wonder and imagine what the sissy oath would be. How long? Rhyming? Generic or should each sissy should have their own? Perhaps Jeremie or others have suggestions? i’d love to have one to memorize and recite :)

    • Callie

      I think, if there’s not already, there should be a universal Sissy Oath, but then each sissy should also have a personalized one suited to their specific servitude as a little sissy. Sissibitch, write your own for me to review. And memorize it.

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